Is it possible to get a loan without verification in the National Debt Register?

The National Debt Register is the oldest in Poland – because it has been operating since 2003 – an economic information office. Its task is to store and share data regarding, among others debts held by companies and individuals.

Notes in the National Debt Register and creditworthiness

Notes in the National Debt Register and creditworthiness

Every person who draws loans or credits must keep in mind that information offices – BIG, kRD and others – receive information about whether the obligation is repaid on time. This is one of the key factors affecting creditworthiness . Financial institutions check potential clients in terms of financial credibility – it should be added that in this area there are no top-down guidelines, which is why banks or non-bank companies are guided by their own criteria for assessing applications. The same conclusion in several different institutions may be assessed differently, although in the case of refusals, the justification is generally the same: lack of sufficient creditworthiness.

I have an entry in the database record – where to borrow money?

I have an entry in the database record - where to borrow money?

Many people having difficulties with obtaining external financial support wonder if it is possible to obtain a loan without database record. There are various options to choose from, however, if someone has low scores in the register, then the bank can not count credit or loans without a database record. Then the non-banking sector remains, where loans without certificates and database record are available, but under certain conditions.

Persons deciding to use non-bank services should be aware that they are checked by loan companies. At the same time, there are completely different standards than in banks, which is why, for example, procedures are less time-consuming and the client needs funds faster. Not all companies state what economic information databases they use – but it is better to take for granted that they are looking into the National Debt Register. However, this does not prevent you from getting a loan.

Non-bank loans for indebted – what do they rely on?

Non-bank loans for indebted - what do they rely on?

In the offer of many non-bank companies you can find a product, which is a loan for indebted in database record. What is it about? This loan is granted to persons who, despite having had or are late in repaying loan installments, and even have bailiffs in this respect, are able to fulfill their contract with a non-bank company. These types of loans are usually online payday loans without database record – among the most characteristic of their features are listed:

  • low amount of liability – usually the upper limit is in the range from PLN 1500 to PLN 2000,
  • short repayment period – usually it is 30 days,
  • repayment in one-off form – online payday loans without database record are not spread out into installments.

Non-bank fast payday via the Internet without database record is a product that arouses great interest. Reduced to a minimum of formalities and the payment of money practically on the spot is an extremely tempting prospect, but before taking a payday online without database record, you should think about choosing the right offer, keeping in mind individual needs and real repayment possibilities.

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