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Rescheduling a bad Credit Bureau is not as easy as some borrowers think. If a loan applicant has bad credit, banks are usually reluctant to lend. This does not change the fact that it is only about rescheduling existing commitments and not about an additional loan. See for an example

No bank buys predictable risk on a voluntary basis. Credit brokerage firms that advertise loans even in difficult cases usually do not work seriously. With great promises, they attract customers who plan to reschedule bad Credit Bureau, then sell them all sorts of things, such as life insurance or building society contracts, but in the end these customers will not get a debt rescheduling loan.

Nevertheless, it is not entirely out of the question to reschedule debt even if the Credit Bureau is bad. It may be worth trying. We’ll tell you what’s going on.

What actually happens with a debt restructuring

What actually happens with a debt restructuring

In the event of a debt rescheduling, existing loans are completely repaid and combined into a new loan, the debt rescheduling loan. This can have several advantages for the borrower. The loan amount and term can be changed so that, for example, you can reduce the monthly charge or save on loan costs. The goal of most debt restructuring projects is to have a lower monthly charge. If a debt rescheduling is planned for bad Credit Bureau, it must be assumed that bad Credit Bureau has occurred due to acute payment problems. If the monthly charge drops, the rate is affordable again.

With debt rescheduling at negative Credit Bureau, over-indebted consumers can get their liabilities back on track. The debt can be rescheduled from the previous lender or from a third-party bank. The aim of any debt restructuring should be to advance debt relief or to reduce the monthly burden. A debt rescheduling in bad Credit Bureau is more difficult to enforce with a third party lender.

Banks attach great importance to creditworthiness, especially for new customers. However, because there are many ways to get a bad Credit Bureau as a borrower, it is sometimes also possible that the debt rescheduling of a bad Credit Bureau is also approved by a third-party bank. It always depends on the specific case. A general statement cannot be made here.

Debt restructuring options

Debt restructuring options

A third-party bank is more likely not to be willing to grant a debt rescheduling loan if the applicant has a negative Credit Bureau information. Lending at the house bank is much more likely. Here the customer, his income situation and his financial problems are known.

An important role in the approval then also plays what is the amount that is to be rescheduled and why the Credit Bureau is negative. The chances of getting a debt rescheduling are very good, especially when it comes to rescheduling a mortgage. Building finance is usually secured in the land register, so the risk for the bank is limited, because in case of doubt the bank has access to the residential property.

The number and amount of outstanding liabilities can also play a role. If the Credit Bureau is “only” bad because bills from the energy suppliers or telephone providers have not been paid, this is less serious than if loans have been canceled. If the Credit Bureau is bad, but for the negative feature a settlement note, this also speaks more for the loan seeker.

What to look out for when rescheduling bad Credit Bureau

What to look out for when rescheduling bad Credit Bureau

Anyone who has found a cheap way to reschedule should try in advance to get their Credit Bureau information in order. To do this, an attempt must be made to induce creditors to delete unauthorized or incorrect entries. We also always advise borrowers to talk to the bank to speak personally about the background to the bad Credit Bureau and explain why debt restructuring is so important. Banks are often ready to find solutions. Ultimately, lenders are also interested in getting their money back and are therefore willing to compromise.

Borrowers who are already in arrears with current obligations and who are currently unable to provide attachable income have little or no prospect of debt rescheduling. For many borrowers overwhelmed with debt, it would be better to go to a debt counseling center with their financial problems. There they get professional help that costs nothing. A debt rescheduling loan can only be the optimal solution when it comes to dealing with financial bottlenecks or reducing credit costs. Debt counseling is the better solution for acute debt.

Are credit cards good or bad? – Advantages and risks Thu, 19 Dec 2019 23:50:04 +0000

Many people ask us if they are worth it. Especially, people who have had a credit card debt and have realized the high interest that banks can charge ? (Wiggitt was created to help these people). Therefore, we decided to give our point of view.

Like everything in life, credit cards are not perfect. They have their great advantages, but also their dangerous disadvantages.

The disadvantages

First, it is important to mention what are some of the risks of having a credit card.

Interest rates are the highest there are

Interest rates are the highest there are

The interest rates of credit cards are usually the most expensive that exist, compared to other types of credits (personal, automotive, mortgage, etc.). In Mexico, the situation is even more worrisome. In a study by Frank Suddam, it was found that the declared average credit card rate is 37.76% per year. And in some cases, they can be up to 96% ?!


They are confusing, and they are not transparent

Many people do not know the operation, the interest rate, the way they calculate those interests, or the cut-off and payment dates.


Credit cards commonly charge commissions

Credit cards commonly charge commissions

Most credit cards charge annuity, late payment fees, among others. It is worthwhile to find out about (and try to avoid) the commission charges that your credit card has specifically.


The pain of paying is less with credit cards

The pain of paying is less with credit cards

Studies suggest that the “pain” we experience when paying for something is significantly less with a credit card, than the pain experienced when paying with cash. The reason is that paying with a plastic is less tangible, less visible and adds distance between the expense and when you actually make the payment (since the statement comes weeks later). That is why there is a risk that we spend more than we should with credit cards.


The advantages

Now, we mention the benefits of having and using your credit card.


You can create a good credit history

You can create a good credit history

Credit cards allow you to create a good credit history that will allow you to access better credits. This is very important if you later want to buy, for example, a car or a house.


They are safer than cash, or debit cards

When your credit card is lost or stolen, you can cancel it and request a new one in minutes. Cash, on the other hand, disappears forever. Also, if you detect that someone else uses your credit card, you can call your bank and in most cases they will withdraw the fraudulent charges. Eliminating unrecognized charges from your debit cards is usually much more complicated.


You can accumulate points and access interesting benefits

They are confusing, and they are not transparent

Most credit cards provide some rewards, insurance and purchase protection program. Check with your bank what benefits they have available, and take advantage of them!


You can access a financing of up to 50 days without interest

If you play well with the dates (cut and payment) of your credit card you can access financing, free of interest, up to 50 days. At a minimum you can pay your purchases 20 days after they are made (time between the cut-off date and the payment date).

In conclusion , we must be careful when using our credit cards, but using them in an indicated way can help us significantly in comfort, security and to obtain benefits and rewards. What is important is to inform us and know how and for what it is convenient to use them.

Credit for company formation Mon, 02 Dec 2019 00:58:20 +0000 Most people who intend to become self-employed need credit to start a business because they lack the necessary equity capital.

Some company founding and excellent business idea has failed only because of the fact that no credit was granted by the banks for founding a company. Here’s how best to do it for the bank to grant credit for company formation.

A convincing business plan is the alpha and omega


Anyone planning to start their own business does not just need an idea in their head, but a concept on paper called a business plan. Some business founders have a hard time putting their good thoughts into words. You should get help from the expert.

A business consultant would be the right contact when it comes to setting up a business plan to score with the bank when it comes to starting up a business. The business idea must be presented in such a way that even a banker is convinced.

In addition, it is advantageous for the loan for company founding, if a certain amount of equity capital is available, which can be brought into the company.

If unemployed need credit for company formation

If unemployed need credit for company formation

Many unemployed go into self-employment to escape unemployment. The corporate concept is not always convincing and equity is usually not available. This brings particular problems with the credit for company formation, because the banks shy away from the risk and refuse a loan for company formation.

Unemployed people are well-advised if they attach great importance to their corporate concept and get the necessary support from their relatives and friends and, if possible, the necessary start-up capital.

With the loan for company founding of banks

With the <a href=loan for company founding of banks” />

It looks particularly bad for unemployed or Hartz IV recipients, so that an even better preparation is important. Consideration should also be given to how it is possible to become self-employed without relying on a company founding credit.

Credit with 240 months term – 10 years fixed interest. Sat, 21 Sep 2019 05:59:33 +0000

A loan with a term of 240 months is not one of the types of loans that are permanently requested.

Because a term of 20 years is only sought if a very large loan amount must be paid.

When is a 240-month loan interesting?

When is a 240-month loan interesting?

240 months duration means that a repayment over 20 years is desired. A very long time in which a lot can happen. Both privately and financially, there can be changes that can affect the loan. Therefore, a 240-month loan will only be taken if it is really necessary.

Such a loan would be possible, for example, when financing a property. If $ 1000000 and more are borrowed from a bank, they will not be repaid within a few years. It must rather pass some time, so that the debt can be completely repaid. 20 years would be a perfectly conceivable time span.

Even companies are always interested in large loan amounts for investment. Not infrequently, a long repayment is targeted. How it works depends on the conditions that are met with the bank. It is important that they are flexible, so that the repayment is associated with a low default risk.

Which conditions should be given?

Which conditions should be given?

For a 240-month loan, it is very important that not only does the borrower’s credit rating match, but also the terms offered by the lender. First and foremost is the possibility of free debt restructuring. This must be possible after a few years.

In most cases, the lender also submits a new offer in this context. It is therefore not absolutely necessary to change the lender when rescheduling. Also important would be free special repayments. In the case of real estate loans, building loan agreements are often signed in parallel and will be used to repay a partial debt at maturity.

This reduces the loan amount suddenly by several thousand euros and the interest burden is lower. Worth doing such a step, however, only if this has been agreed in advance.

Also, payment pauses are now increasingly offered. These can be useful if it does not look financially good once. Who can suspend a monthly installment without consequences, can use the so saved money for other projects and does not come into financial difficulties. This is very important for large loans with a very long maturity.

Who awards a loan with 240 months duration?

Who awards a loan with 240 months duration?

Last but not least, there is the question of who ever forgives a loan with such a term. If you look on the internet and use credit calculator, then it’s usually 10 years old.

Loans over 10 years are special loans that can not be easily requested via the internet. There are not many banks that engage in such long repayment phases. However, this is usually done by building societies and banks that specialize in real estate.

In addition, banks, which are very well positioned in the business customer segment and see their main field of activity therein. Worthwhile it is to catch up in advance, some exploration, who would provide the needed money at all. Afterwards you can get in contact with the respective donors and discuss the details.

19,000 USD credit – small rate – from 165 USD a month. Wed, 11 Sep 2019 05:39:19 +0000

A $ 19,000 loan is a large sum that can be spent on major purchases. But even a debt restructuring can be handled, if the financial burden is too high.

Marathon at credit check

Marathon at credit check

After a client has submitted a loan application, the marathon of the tests starts. The bank wants to know if it can trust the customer to repay a $ 19000 loan.

19,000 USD credit – small rate – from 165 USD a month

This credit check is always carried out. This is not only created with this loan, every borrower has to go through this.

First, the bank checks whether the customer may legally and legally apply for a loan. A person is eligible for credit if they are capable of acting, which begins in Germany at the age of 18.

Then the income is checked. If the customer should receive unemployment benefit  the exam ends right here.

The applicant must have an income from employment that is at least part-time. Another check envisages collecting the Schufa information.

This is quite fast and the bank can then tell if a loan application can be made or not.

Rescheduling helps to get out of the debt trap

Rescheduling helps to get out of the debt trap

A loan of 19000 USD can help to reschedule. This loan can help consumers who have not been able to pay many bills and are already close to receiving a notice of default.

The debt spiral would then come to an end. It is not always possible to pay all bills.

The borrower has only been ill for a long time or had an accident. In such a case comes after a long time of illness only sick pay.

The income is no longer secure. So many bills remain. A $ 19,000 loan can settle any old debts.

For this purpose, an application with the purpose of the debt restructuring must be made. It is not always clear who awards this loan.

A look at the internet should be of great help.

Credit 19000 USD from the Internet

Credit 19000 USD from the Internet

A $ 19,000 loan from the internet is often cheaper than from his house bank. The direct banks do not have so many employees and therefore less costs.

They put these few costs through the fact that the interest rate is often very low. Who starts a credit comparison must not forget to specify the purpose.

This must necessarily be changed to debt rescheduling. Only in this way can the customer see the interest rates he can receive with the $ 19,000 loan.

After a non-binding inquiry, the customer receives further information from the provider. Thus, further costs may be apparent that were not previously thought of.

It may well be that the lender wants to have another security with a 19,000 USD loan. This must come from the borrower.

The security required always depends on the creditworthiness.

Credit security – better chances of getting credit

Credit security - better chances of getting credit

The 19,000 USD loan may need to be secured. With the credit security offered by the borrower, the chances of getting a $ 19,000 loan are much higher.

So you can think about a guarantor. But that’s not always easy Such a high credit has a very long term.

Guarantors have no concerns when it comes to a small loan. With a 19000 USD credit however the danger is larger.

The loan default can also happen to a guarantor. This can get sick or become unemployed.

All this must be considered in the long term. For example, many banks prefer to use life insurance or residual debt insurance as collateral.

This often begins only after three months after application. But the borrower and his family members would be covered.

Credit from private investors

Credit from private investors

Depending on the purpose, it is possible to get a 19000 USD loan from private investors. So-called credit exchanges are the most visited.

So the loan seeker comes together with lenders who lend their assets. Whether such a credit is worthwhile shows a credit comparison.

Interest rates should be taken into consideration, as the annual percentage rate also includes the borrowing costs. The Schufa is rarely tested.

But with a 19000 USD credit but much value is placed on the income. If this is not high, the customer can resort to the aforementioned collateral.

The advantage of collateral is that the interest rate will often be lower.

19000 USD credit – these conditions are possible

19000 Euro credit - these conditions are possible

At present, many banks offer a loan of 19000 USD:

  • The Bank of Scotland offers the loan with a maturity of 84 months. The annual percentage rate is between 1.95 percent and 4.85 percent. This results in a loan installment of $ 242.02 per month.
  • The Creditplus Bank awards the loan 19,000 USD with an interest rate between 1.99 percent and 10.99 percent. The rate is 242.35 USD, whose duration is 84 months (seven years).
  • Also the barclaycard has an offer for a loan 19000 USD. Here he has to pay the customer at least 242.35 USD per month. The annual percentage rate is at least 1.99 percent.

Many providers give the loan 19,000 USD. However, the customer should make sure that the APR is credit-dependent.

After checking the creditworthiness, the interest rate is set.

Loan for funeral – these providers help easy and fast. Sat, 17 Aug 2019 05:35:20 +0000

Credit for burial , no credit request is more emotional. Do not put yourself under pressure.

Allow yourself a good time to say goodbye. This is shown by every understanding.

We prepare all the information for you, so that the loan can be made quickly and easily. Take advantage of the help.

Trust that we do not want to sell you a loan, but help you with advice.

Credit for burial – do not rush

Credit for burial - do not rush

Of course, credit is important for funerals. But he does not enjoy the first priority.

 Loan for funeral – these providers help easy and fast

Much more important is to be in the new situation first. Nothing is the same as it used to be.

The best advice is to take time to mourn. The death of a loved one also causes a death in every friend and family member.

Every mourner is in an emotional state of emergency. Taking credit is a first concern.

Having the head for “free” is crucial. Because, only with “clear mind” do not undermine unnecessary mistakes.

The right time to do so is after the funeral. Only at this time, all the facts are on the table.

On the other hand, premature actionism leads to nothing. To decide beforehand is a guessing game with many unknowns.

How much time is left for decisions?

How much time is left for decisions?

There is no set schedule. Basically, it makes sense to wait with everything until the will is opened.

Only when all legal issues have been clarified, is there a willingness to act. This is necessary to decide on credit for burial and funeral service.

If all heirs agree, at least the essentials can be set in motion. In principle:

“If you order the music, you’ll pay for it later”. When the organizational part of the funeral has started, the big bills are still missing.

Well flowers, newspaper ad and celebrations have to be paid. The “big chunk”, the undertaker’s account, however, has time.

Undertakers know the problem, they act accordingly usually very accommodating. Usually the bill would be sent weeks after the funeral.

Until then, there was time to settle the legacy. Maybe even dissolve the budget and sell parts of the estate.

All “proceeds” reduce the sum of credit for burial and funeral service. At this time, all other income and expenses are also on the table.

The first shock of mourning has given way to everyday life. For financial decisions, the head is then reasonably “free”.

Finance burial – how to start?

Finance burial - how to start?

Borrowing for burial is the responsibility of the heirs. Because, they are legally following in the footsteps of the testator.

The heirs gain insight into the financial reserves of the deceased. In addition, they are allowed to decide about it.

They organize everything. Initially, the choice of the undertaker.

Likewise the place and extent of the funeral. To inherit the inheritance leads to the transfer of rights and duties.

Then they make all the decisions about the estate. A thankless task, but still important.

In contrast, survivors who are not among the heirs should take back. They can help and support, but decide nothing.

In other words, they can gladly suggest credit for burial. But do not apply.

Unless they alone carry the risk.

Apply – what to apply for a loan

Apply - what to apply for a loan

A funeral loan is not a special purpose loan. A request is made by the borrower with the purpose “freely usable”.

Who exactly makes the application, decides the heritage situation. Because, if several people inherit their inheritance, they are all equally responsible.

If it is only an inheritance, he alone faces the financial burden. The advantage is inheritance communities that act together.

Even high credit for burial and other costs of inheritance is easier to grant. The loan is requested together.

Thus, the joint creditworthiness of all applicants together secures the credit. Another advantage comes with it.

Under these circumstances, even extremely low-interest loans – for “advertising interest” – are realistic. If only one person applies for the loan, the Bank’s decision depends on their personal credit rating.

With average good credit rating, credit for burial and other inheritance costs at a non-credit-standing interest rate is recommended. This interest usually offers “normal citizens” the cheapest borrowing costs.

It is also important to pay attention to the possibility of free special repayment. Sometimes heirs find “hidden” treasures for a long time after the funeral.

After all, this money could relieve the cost balance.

Special conditions and NoGo – what to look for?

Special conditions and NoGo - what to look for?

The most important credit condition is already mentioned. The free special payment. “Anytime and at any height”.

Another advantage is the extended right of withdrawal from the loan. For a quick procedure it depends on the application conditions.

The fastest way to the credit is a “pure online procedure”. As a result, application, ID exam and submission of documents, everything online.

A “NoGo” for the loan for burial and inheritance costs, would be a credit insurance. Because, it makes the loan more expensive.

If prematurely paid, the insurance does not reimburse the contributions. If a bank tries to build up pressure to take out insurance, simply cancel it.

The next bank is looking forward to the application. But, without RSV.

Credit for widows – difficult situation

Credit for widows - difficult situation

The today’s “old ones” lived another life model than modern family. “She” stayed at home, he worked.

Maybe the lady of the house had a small part-time job, but nothing for her own pension. As a widow she catches up with social change.

In other words, she is impoverished. Your widow’s pension does not qualify for a loan for funerals and other expenses.

Father State tightened 2003 the problem on top of that. Because he does not pay any more death benefits.

The SPD and the Greens to send the bill, is only possible on election day. Solidarity that widows desperately need in this situation comes only from the family.

Low-interest loan for burial of a bank remains possible if one of the children or a grandson from second borrower intervenes. Apart from bank credit, there are other offers.

Finally, a loan could come from private investors. This is not a major shortcoming.

Especially since the large providers of credit transfer from private to private have a very good reputation. Auxmoney and Smava provide serious access to credit in difficult cases.

From an emotional point of view, credit for funerals occupies a special position. Hand on the heart.

Who would not want to help an old woman in this particular situation?

81000 USD credit – small installments – from 816 USD a month. Fri, 16 Aug 2019 05:55:50 +0000 If you need a loan of 81000 USD, you should definitely create a loan comparison. Finally, a credit 81000 USD comparison reveals that there are significant differences between the interest rates.

This is especially important for the terms and monthly installments. The old rule “Longer term = lower rates” is only conditionally.

81,000 USD free to finance – quick info

  • 81,000 USD to finance free and unsecured, since many bankers wave
  • Take the chance to compare high credit without earmarking online
  • Pay attention not only to the interest, but also on special terms
  • Apply now – initially without obligation – with instant confirmation

Credit 81000 USD: A maximum of 10 years is advisable

Credit 81000 Euro: A maximum of 10 years is advisable

You should plan a maximum of ten years (120 months) for your $ 81,000 loan. Only with this you get the lowest possible rate.

81000 USD credit – small installments – from 816 USD per month

It is 816.69 USD. The associated annual percentage rate is 3.99 percent.

You can find him at Credit Bankive. If you extend the term to 11 years (132 months), the rate rises to 831.23.

This is because the best possible interest rate has also increased. He is 5.95 percent and comes from the General Civil Servants Bank.

That also offers the best possible interest rate for 12 years (144 months). The annual percentage rate for this term is 6.95 percent.

The associated monthly rate is 821.72 USD.

81000 USD Credit: Higher rates less credit costs

81000 Euro Credit: Higher rates less credit costs

If you can pay higher rates, we recommend medium-term maturities for the 81,000 USD loan. The best possible APR for this loan is 2.59 percent.

It is offered by Postbank. It is valid for all terms from 1 year (12 months) to 7 years (84 months).

So you pay so lower interest rates. In addition, you must pay the interest shorter.

Your credit costs decrease overall. For short terms, however, the rates would be extremely high.

At 3 years (36 months) you would have to pay at least $ 2339.00 per month. Medium maturities are more useful for this reason.

Credit 81000 USD: Beware of poor creditworthiness

Credit 81000 Euro: Beware of poor creditworthiness

However, it is by no means guaranteed that you will get the best possible interest rates on your $ 81000 loan. These will only be granted to you if you have a strong credit rating.

Each bank calculates them differently.

Ultimately, however, it’s about having as much room for loan repayments in your monthly budget as possible. In addition, you should not have a history of payment issues.

Schufa scoring plays an important role here. If your credit rating is not good, interest rates can skyrocket.

In such a case, Postbank increases its annual percentage rate of interest, for example, to 8.59 percent. At Credit Bankive, it can even rise to 10.99 percent.

Credit 81000 USD: How to strengthen your credit rating

Credit 81000 Euro: How to strengthen your credit rating

A strong credit rating is very important for your 81000 USD loan. There are some ways you can strengthen them.

The simplest variant is based on the “Together we are strong” principle. If you have a guarantor or take loans for two, your credit rating will improve.

You should therefore make every effort not to take the credit alone.

Is it possible to get a loan without verification in the National Debt Register? Thu, 09 May 2019 05:26:47 +0000

The National Debt Register is the oldest in Poland – because it has been operating since 2003 – an economic information office. Its task is to store and share data regarding, among others debts held by companies and individuals.

Notes in the National Debt Register and creditworthiness

Notes in the National Debt Register and creditworthiness

Every person who draws loans or credits must keep in mind that information offices – BIG, kRD and others – receive information about whether the obligation is repaid on time. This is one of the key factors affecting creditworthiness . Financial institutions check potential clients in terms of financial credibility – it should be added that in this area there are no top-down guidelines, which is why banks or non-bank companies are guided by their own criteria for assessing applications. The same conclusion in several different institutions may be assessed differently, although in the case of refusals, the justification is generally the same: lack of sufficient creditworthiness.

I have an entry in the database record – where to borrow money?

I have an entry in the database record - where to borrow money?

Many people having difficulties with obtaining external financial support wonder if it is possible to obtain a loan without database record. There are various options to choose from, however, if someone has low scores in the register, then the bank can not count credit or loans without a database record. Then the non-banking sector remains, where loans without certificates and database record are available, but under certain conditions.

Persons deciding to use non-bank services should be aware that they are checked by loan companies. At the same time, there are completely different standards than in banks, which is why, for example, procedures are less time-consuming and the client needs funds faster. Not all companies state what economic information databases they use – but it is better to take for granted that they are looking into the National Debt Register. However, this does not prevent you from getting a loan.

Non-bank loans for indebted – what do they rely on?

Non-bank loans for indebted - what do they rely on?

In the offer of many non-bank companies you can find a product, which is a loan for indebted in database record. What is it about? This loan is granted to persons who, despite having had or are late in repaying loan installments, and even have bailiffs in this respect, are able to fulfill their contract with a non-bank company. These types of loans are usually online payday loans without database record – among the most characteristic of their features are listed:

  • low amount of liability – usually the upper limit is in the range from PLN 1500 to PLN 2000,
  • short repayment period – usually it is 30 days,
  • repayment in one-off form – online payday loans without database record are not spread out into installments.

Non-bank fast payday via the Internet without database record is a product that arouses great interest. Reduced to a minimum of formalities and the payment of money practically on the spot is an extremely tempting prospect, but before taking a payday online without database record, you should think about choosing the right offer, keeping in mind individual needs and real repayment possibilities.

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Requesting the Subrogation of the Loan is Possible. Find how! Wed, 10 Apr 2019 15:35:16 +0000

It’s been several years since you turned on a mortgage and are you no longer satisfied with the terms and conditions? Maybe because the latter are not as advantageous as in the past? In these cases it is possible to resort to the Surroga del Mutuo, or commonly known also as portability of the loan. Let’s find out what it is and how to request it.

What is a loan subrogation?

What is a loan subrogation?

Introduced with the Bersani Law of 2007, the subrogation of the loan is a type of contract that offers the possibility of transferring the loan, currently in place, to another credit institution that has more advantageous conditions. This procedure makes it possible to maintain the mortgage on the old loan and renegotiate the conditions of the loan, such as its duration, the interest rates applied and the amount of the monthly installment to be repaid.      

What are the costs of subrogation of the loan?

What are the costs of subrogation of the loan?

If you are already thinking of putting your wallet in place, you can feel comfortable. In terms of costs, requesting the subrogation of the loan does not involve any type of expense on the part of the borrower, as envisaged by Decree No. 40 of 2007.

Thanks to this law, the notary costs of the mortgage subrogation, as well as the preliminary investigation costs and those for the property appraisal will not be borne by the holder but will be borne by the bank that takes over with the new contract. It is also possible to transfer the costs of the mortgage insurance or, alternatively, request a refund and sign a new one with the new credit institution.

The customer’s decision to transfer the loan to a new bank cannot be challenged by the old credit institution nor can it charge additional transfer fees.

However, it is important not to confuse the subrogation of the loan with the replacement of the loan. Let’s see why.

What is the difference between the subrogation of the loan and the replacement of the loan?

What is the difference between the subrogation of the loan and the replacement of the loan?

Replacing the loan allows the new bank to request a second loan through which to extinguish the old loan. Precisely because it provides for the ignition of a new loan, opting for replacement, it will be necessary to take on all those expenses related to the opening of the new contractual practice.

As a result, while for the replacement of the loan, the costs are borne by the holder of the loan, the subrogation of the loan, as we said earlier, maintains the mortgage registered with the old bank and delegates to the new credit institution all the other costs.

So, whether the loan has just been initiated or whether you are coming towards the end of the contract, opting for the subrogation of the loan you can lighten the monthly repayment installment and this will help you continue to keep up with the payment of the installments and do not risk having difficulty in paying off the debt.

The Heathcliff team professionals will be at your side to guide you so that you can get the best financing according to your needs.

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Payday Loan Consolidation: Extinguish Your Debts and Pay Only One Installment! Wed, 10 Apr 2019 15:34:47 +0000

In recent times we have been used to often hear the word “crisis” especially in the economic field. But despite this, there are few who forgo goods like a latest-generation mobile phone, a TV that is not less than 32 inches, the ultimate food processor or a nice machine. But how is it possible to be able to get all these things, thus taking away some whims, even if our salary is not among the highest? Simple…. “Buy it in comfortable installments!” Or “Pay in installments!”. Don’t these words sound familiar? Choosing this payment method, paying in installments, allows us to get what we want but paying it little by little. An editorial over at

For this reason, in recent years there has been an increase in companies that deal with lending money to those who request it, such as banks or private financial institutions.

Given that the objects of our desires are multiple, it could happen that we find ourselves with more than one installment to be paid at the end of the month. But what if our economic circumstances change and we would like to have a lower total amount to pay at the end of the month? Could all these loans be combined into one installment ? At this point we talk about Payday Loan Consolidation. What’s this? How does it work?

How does Payday Loan Consolidation work?

How does Debt Consolidation work?

The Payday Loan Consolidation loan is a formula introduced in Italy by Decree Law 212 of 2011, with the aim of avoiding over-indebtedness of Italian families. As stated above, it allows you to unify all the loans in progress into a single loan and thus guarantee the payment of a single monthly installment. For this reason when we talk about Payday Loan Consolidation we are also talking about refinancing, as the bank or the private institution that provides the consolidation takes over the previous debts and liquidates them, so that the debtor must then pay only a referent, thus removing the constraint of having multiple monthly installments. In order for Payday Loan Consolidation to be used, the early termination clause is essential: outstanding debts must be able to be repaid in advance.

What are the advantages of Payday Loan Consolidation?

What are the advantages of debt consolidation?

  1. Pay one lighter installment rather than two or more monthly installments;
  2. Extend loan repayment times thanks to greater flexibility in installments;
  3. Obtain new liquidity, to be added if necessary to the one already requested and to be paid off;
  4. Have a single point of contact with whom to interact during payments, rather than having to go to different financial institutions.

This solution can be advantageous for those who find it difficult to pay the sums of the individual loan installments. It is also convenient for those who simply prefer to deal with a single contact.

How to get a Payday Loan Consolidation plan?

How to get a debt consolidation plan?

This formula of renegotiation of its debts in a single installment provides for strict credibility and eligibility criteria of the creditor and a precise procedure regarding the feasibility of the financial plan. The Payday Loan Consolidation plan is granted to those who can provide solid guarantees. These include:   a permanent employment contract, a length of employment of at least 24 months and the absence of protests, foreclosures or reports as a bad payer.

Should these characteristics be present, then being considered bad payers, protested or foreclosed, one can resort to the assignment of a fifth of the salary or pension as a Payday Loan Consolidation plan. This is a form of fixed-rate financing with constant payment of the installment which is withheld each month either from salary or pension. The sum that is debited cannot exceed one fifth of the pay slip.

Extinguish your debts and pay only one installment!

Extinguish your debts and pay only one installment!

In this regard, the Heathcliff team’s experts will be at your side to offer you valuable advice, helping you to get the Payday Loan Consolidation plan appropriate to your needs….

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